Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault Part II is a 2017 video game and is the sequel to the 2004 First Person Shooter MOHPA (Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault) the player plays 4 campaigns the 1st campaign the player plays a Thomas Conlin from the original game the 2nd campaign the player plays as a unknown U.S Sniper in the Solomon Islands the 3rd campaign the player plays as a Japanese pilot and this campaign is exclusively plane missions the 4th campaign the player plays as a Chinese rifleman in 1937.


Thomas Conlin:Edit

Road to Death

Loose Ends

Into the Cave

Tunnel Rats

Team player

Dust to Dust


End War

Unknown U.S Sniper:Edit




Sniper Elite

Welcome to the OSS


Thin Red Line

End of a Legend

Japanese Pilot:Edit


An Old Enemy

Fall of the Solomons


Fighting Fire With Fire

We've Got Hostiles



Chinese Rifleman:Edit


Shanghai showdown

Fall of Shanghai

Fort Assault



Multiplayer has 20 maps in total maps in the base game 10 set in Europe and 10 set in the Pacific.

European Maps:Edit

Fort - A Fort in Belgium

Labs - A Jet Lab in Germany

Frontline - Omaha Beach

Bridge - Ramelle

Hill - A Heavily Fortified Hill with 3 Bunkers

Glider - Operation Market Garden

Caen - The 1 of 2 Maps were a player can play as the British 

Castle - A Nazi Controlled Castle near Germany

Ship - The German team is on the ship while the U.S team is in planes

Museum - A French Museum in Paris

Pacific Maps:Edit

Raid - Wake Island

Anthill - Comm Center in Makin Atoll

Assault - Tokyo Road

Mansion - A Mansion in China

Showdown - A Village in China 

Take off - An Airfield based on the mission We've For Hostiles

Guadalcanal - A Large Map with A River in the middle of the Map

Shadows - Medium sized map based on the mission Dust to Dust

Conviction - small map based on the mission Fall of the Solomons

Men of War - 1 of 2 maps were you can play as the British


In Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault Part II there are 3 new gamemodes that are very interesting even a competitive gamemode called "Assault Squad" the other 2 modes are "Silent Soldiers" which the player is restricted from using any weapon except a sniper rifle and a silenced pistol the player with the most points wins the final gamemode is "Hold the Line!" Which the German or Japanese team has to hold a certain area (NOTE: THIS A CO-OP ONLY GAMEMODE) against infinite waves of the opposing team the higher the round the bigger the waves there are only 2 maps available for this gamemode Anthill and Front line.

The other gamemodes are Domination, Team Deathmatch, King of the Hill, Gungame, Search & Destroy, and Hardcore.


The Mission "Dust to Dust" is a reference to the popular Call of Duty Series which it has a mission in the Modern Warfare series titled "Dust to Dust"

This game was supposed to have a Expansion Pack titled "Origins" but it was cancelled along with the HD remake of the original Medal of honor for PS4

There is a F2P version of this game you may not heard of it because it was only released in Russia it is called Medal of Honor: Online there are plans of releasing the game in other parts of the world

A 3DS version of this game was made but it has Mixed to Negative reviews

This was originally going to get a Mature 17+ rating due to Blood and gore Language Alchohal reference and violence but got a Teen ration instead

The PS4 servers were hacked for only 15 minutes because Sony sorted out the problem quickly

This runs on the same engine as Metro 2033 Redux

There was supposed to be a mission in the Thomas Conlin Campaign about flying a F4U Corsair but this mission was removed but there is an easter egg in the mission Into The Cave were there is a F4U Corsair inside of a bunker on fire

Half of the Soundtrack was made by John Williams and the 2nd Alf was made by Crishopher Lennertz

There are more weapons than any WW2 Medal of Honor games combined 42 weapons in total

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