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Cody Anderson





Born in New York, New York Cody was a member of a extremely rich family that built ammuniton and weapons for the Allies. On the day of his graduation he rushed to an Army recruiter and jumped at the chance to be a member of the 101st Airborne and take sapper training.


Cody was the perfect student during his school years and was always the target of bullies because of this. But,the class where he was the dictionary example of perfect was American history he then became highly proud of his heritage and set a goal to become a member of the US Army and one day become a general. He graduated from high school in 1942 and instead of going to school he joined the US Army and volenteerd for Airborne and Sapper training.

World War 2Edit

Cody went to basic training in 1943 where he met his soon to be freind Frank Queen. Cody encouarged Frank to volenteer for 101st Airbourne with him and all both of them succeding in Airbourne training. They were sent to Fort Benning where they would be assigned to the 502n PIR, 3rd Battalion, D Company, 11th Platoon. He met his squad members First Seargent James MacAllen, Specalist Andy Kings,and Private Bob Harper in the Recon Platoon.


  • BAR
  • M1911A1
  • Mk 2 Grenade
  • Stolen Kampfmesser 42
  • Satchel Charges


  • Patrick Anderson (Dad)
  • Lenda Anderson (Mom)
  • Patrick Anderson II (Brother)
  • Billy Anderson (Brother)
  • Ashley Anderson (Sister)

Personal LifeEdit

Back home Cody Anderson has a girlfreind named Lara and hopes that if hes able to make it home to propose to her and become a hockey player if he dosnt reach General.


  • Sapper Tab
  • Presidential Unit Citation