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Dante Adams





Dante Adams was a CCT for the 75th Rangers for five years, and one day was asked to meet a goverment offical. And thats how his OGA carrer started. His all of his training and experience has gained him almost a supernatural ability to know where people are and where there going.


His carrer came into intrest by CIA after his deployment in Shahikot Valley, where Adams was grouped with Sgt. Patterson, Cpl. Hermandez and Tech. Sgt. Ybarra  and ordered to make their way through a wadi and eliminate Taliban fighters to relieve the rest of the Rangers who are pinned down by a DShk heavy machine gun. Patterson leads the attack and destroys the gun, guiding F-15E Strike Eagles to bomb the gun position. However, after they eliminate the machine gun, Adams and the team are ordered to secure a new LZ for the Rangers' Chinooks, codenamed Objective Betty. As they prepare to breach a hut overlooking Objective Betty, an IED is detonated within the structure but, fortunately, the Rangers take no casualties. The squad takes cover around the hut but are pinned down and running out of ammunition when they are saved by two Apache gunships, callsigns Gunfighter 11 and Gunfighter 06. Adams later participates in the mission to rescue the AFO Neptune Operators. He and Sgt. Patterson later link up with Voodoo and Preacher during the final rescue mission of Mother and Rabbit. After the rescue mission all members of the Ranger team came under the eye of Spec Ops Units and CIA. And that eye is what got all four of them into TF Atlas. A day after he was sent home Dante was asked to meet with goverment officals about joining the OGA. He accepted there offer and after showin his skill he quickly joined the Taskforce Atlas recruits. And there he met his old teamates who he had been split up with after they went into diffrent tier 1 units. With Hermandez and Ybarra already being full Atlas members that left only his teamate Jim Patterson as the only ones not full operators.


In active duty Dante is very serious and is known to not say anything during it. Instead just simply followind orders perfectly. Outside of it he talks to his freinds about home and what they'll do after they retire from the Army.

Personal LifeEdit

Before he joined the Army he had a girlfreind who he broke up with after going into basic training.