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John Allen





John Allen is born in Montreal, Canada and his family moved to the US and seven years after graduating he joined the US Marines being bored with his desk job. There he found his calling as a infantry men and soon found his way into 2nd Platoon. He is one of the oldest members of the platoon.


Born in Montreal he was trouble maker from the start and always liked getting into fights. His father got a job in Baltimore where he began to frequently became a target to bullies. After graduating he got a job as a civil worker a job he disliked from the start. Seven years passed and he then decided to join the USMC he took training in mortars which he enjoyed. His strength and hidden intelligence got him into the SOG.


  • XM177E2
  • M7 Bayonet
  • Colt Trooper
  • M203
  • M61 Grenade